1.       Concentrated Passion Fruit Juice 50º Brix, frozen

2.       Simple Passion Fruit Juice 13º - 15º Brix, frozen

3.       Passion Fruit Pulp with seeds, frozen

4.       Passion Fruit Pulp frozen seedless, frozen

5.       Concentrated Passion Fruit Juice 50º Brix, Aseptic

6.       Simple Passion Fruit Juice 13º - 15º Brix, Aseptic

7.       Passion Fruit Aroma

Passion Fruit: Characteristics and Applications

The Passion Fruit belongs to the Passiflora Edulis family. It is crop in tropical and subtropical climate. The commercial varieties are purple, yellow and “passion fruit”. It is characterized by its bittersweet flavor, by its concentrated aroma and because it is very juicy.


Its composition has a high percentage of water. Also. It is very reach in vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, Provitamine A and beta-carotene). The Passion Fruit can be used in the elaboration of juices, pulp, nectar and for flavor drinks, creams or similar. Ecuador is the biggest producer of passion fruit in South America, and also the main exporter of frozen passion fruit pulp. Additionally, due to its aroma, its shell is also a commercial product..


The aroma of this fruit is used in the preparation of essences and perfumery. Also from its seeds oil is extracted to be used in the food and cosmetic industries.


Source: Proecuador

Passion Fruit harvesting in Ecuador

(Passiflora edulis f. Flavicarpa Deg)


In Ecuador, the passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. Flavicarpa Deg) is cropped in the Coast Region. There are major cultivation areas in cities of Quevedo and Mochache in Los Ríos province,; in the town Sucre and the parish San Isidro and San Vicente in Manabí province; in the town Quinindé and La Concordia in Esmeraldas province, among others.


The passion fruit cultivation is considered as socially important for the rural life, as the 70% of the production is cropped by farmers with small cultivations.

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