Brief History of ‘Agro Industrial Fruta de la Pasion Ltd.

Agro Industrial Fruta de la Pasion Ltd.’, is an ecuadorian company, that began their operations in the year 1982, located at Guayaquil’s industrial heart, Ecuador’s major port.


Agro Industrial Fruta de la Pasion Ltd.; is a Pioneer in Ecuador, in the elaboration of:


• Concentrated Juice of Passion Fruit 50º brix natural and frozen

• JSimple Juice of Passion Fruit 13º - 15º brix natural and frozen, and

• Passion Fruit frozen pulp, with and without seeds, natural frozen


Modern Industrial

Processing Plant

Our production and research in

the Passion Fruit cultivation

With our completely renovated plant, we offer high quality products to our clients, full of passion fruit flavor and aroma.

The fruit we process is acquired to farmers from different parts of Ecuador, but also from our own cultivation as we have our own production and research center of passion fruit in our plantation “San José”, located in Sacachum, in Santa Elena peninsula.

We export our products to many important markets worldwide

Agro Industrial Fruta de la Pasión Ltd’, with a long trajectory and experience, sell and export their passion fruit products to diverse markets: United States, Canada, Australia,

the Caribbean, New Zealand, among others

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